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Slappity poppity slappity poppity!

Our pal Cordoza brought in his Jazz bass with a crazy idea – he wanted a Musicman style humbucker installed between the Jazz pickups.  Cordoza is a monster at slap bass, and this idea would meld the two iconic slap sounds into one bass.  After some careful planning, careful measuring, and even more careful routing, here’s how it came out:

We placed the MM pickup as close to the sweet spot as the bridge Jazz pickup would allow – it sounds sweet!   The toggle switch we installed selects either the MM pickup or the bridge Jazz pickup – so Cordoza can blend the neck pickup with either of the two bridge pickups.  It sounds sweet!  It has the classic Stingray growl and low-end, without the earsplitting highs and clankyness that the Stingrays sometimes have.  Most importantly: Cordoza loves it!

Cordoza is a wicked bassist – we had no idea until he came in to pick it up and put the bass through it’s paces.  We just had to get a couple of shots of his hands flying over the fretboard.  The man is a slap funk machine!

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  1. I have one identical to this. It has bemoce my #1. Has Basslines vintage p-bass pickup. Ash body is beautiful, maple neck and fretboard. I have the bridge cover back on. I like the looks!

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