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Needle in a haystack

Sometimes while scouring Craigslist you may find a gem that many others have overlooked. We have all heard the story of they guy who found the 1958 Les Paul in a pawn shop. This guitar is surely one of those stories. When our customer found this all he knew was it was cheap and looked like an Alembic.

Check this out:

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After much Google-ing and a few phone calls he discovered the true history of this beautiful instrument. It’s the first guitar made by Mark Johnson who, after putting his time in at Alembic, now builds amazing hi-end custom guitars with his own initials on the headstock. It’s name is Hegira, and yes that is a bronze winged Jerry Garcia on the headstock. It has brass parts all over the guitar – even the inlays on the fretboard. The construction is neck through body with rosewood top and back. Tim Shaw made the pickups and did all the wiring. The build dates are 12/27/75-11/17/77.  After years of sitting around not being played it needed some love, so we fixed some cracks in the body and the headstock, put the original bridge back on and gave it a setup. It looks and plays great.

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