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No bones about it.

One of the most popular services we offer is installing bone nuts and bridge saddles.  The benefits are obvious: bone is harder and more wear resistant than corian (which is the most common material used for nuts and saddles on Gibson, Martin, Fender, and most other mass produced instruments), it also sounds better, and looks fantastic.

Check this out – this is a corian Martin bridge saddle, which was worn down just from the pressure of the strings:

Think about this: if a bridge saddle is soft enough to get chewed up like this, just by string pressure, where do you think all your tone is going?  That’s right – it’s getting absorbed and diffused into the saddle, instead of the soundboard.  A harder material, like bone, with transmit string vibrations into the top more efficiently, making the guitar sound better.

Here’s the same guitar with a bone saddle that we made:

This was made with an unbleached bone blank, which has a vintage look that we think looks quite nice.  We radius the top of the saddle to match the radius of the fingerboard, and shape it for proper intonation.

Like always, EVERY guitar is run through our rigorous quality control department upon completion:

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