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This week we had the honor of being invited to a series of concerts by one of our favorite bands: Faith No More.

Faith No More’s bassist, Billy Gould, is a friend and customer here at the shop; we’ve been working on Billy’s instruments for a few years, and Billy returned the favor by hooking us up with tickets and backstage passes for their shows at the Warfield.  The performances were great, the sound was good, and even the crowd was cool (with the exception of a handful inevitable meatheads in attendance).  Best of all: none of us got seriously hurt in the mosh pit!  Victory!

Backstage, the band was super friendly and generous with their time.  We got a chance to chat with everybody, and ran into a few of our customers hanging out backstage (proving, once again, that San Francisco is the biggest small town in America).  We talked with Billy and Jon Hudson (FNM’s guitarist) about their instruments and stage gear – they’re going to be in town for the next two months before they go out on tour again, so we’ll probably be working on some guitars before they take off.

Geoff with Jon Hudson:

Geoff with Chuck Mosley (FNM’s original vocalist):

Geoff with Billy Gould:

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