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A mark of a true guitar tech geek is that when you’re not working on everybody else’s guitars during the week, you come in on the weekends and work on your own.  Our very own Benjamin Strange is this type of geek.  Check out his latest project, a complete overhaul of his beloved vintage Ovation Magnum bass.

Years ago, he defretted this instrument, and filled the fret slots and fretboard dots with ebony.  Tons of playing had worn the board down, and it was time to re-plane the board.  Once the board was leveled, he coated the entire fretboard in black cyanoacryle (which he left as a satin finish), made a nut out of water buffalo horn, and set it up for a fanned scale length (35″-33″).  He also decided to add a few pickups, squeezed in the space between the stock neck and bridge pickups.  After weeks of research, he settled on two Rio Grande Pitbulls and a single Rio Grande P-Zazz – partly because they sound really good, and partly because they would actually fit between the aluminum rails!  He wired them all to on/off switches, with a single master volume.  It looks and sounds badass!  Check it out:

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