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Introducing Fretty 6000!

Today is an exciting day in the shop: we’ve installed our brand new neck jig!  Check it out!

We designed it, and then our friend Aaron took our design and ran with it, and produced this monster.  This is culmination of 10 years of experiments and refinements on our old neck jig, the Fretty 5000.  This new jig will allow us to work with greater speed and accuracy, ensuring even better fretwork than ever before (which is saying a lot, as we’re somewhat renowned for our fretwork).  Thanks, Aaron!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with how a neck jig works, here’s what it does:  it simulates string tension on the instrument, so we can work on the neck with the strings off, under real world conditions.  One simply CANNOT do a proper fretjob without one of these – accuracy is paramount, and this machine allows us to work to tolerances of down to .001″.

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