Falcon punch!

Our amp tech, known to the world at large as “Philbillie”, just completed a total overhaul on a vintage Gibson Falcon amplifier.  This is a great little amp – 15 watts, 12″ speaker, tremolo, reverb, and tons of vintage mojo.  Trouble is, the amp was falling apart!  It still had the potential to sound great, and the amp’s owner wanted to make it completely bullet proof so he wouldn’t need a backup for gigs.  So this Falcon got the royal treatment: new Mercury Magnetics transformers, new tubes, new reverb tank, new Eminence Cannibis, and a ton of much needed TLC.

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This amp sounds GOOD.  Really good.  Fortunately for us, Philbillie is not only an accomplished amp tech, but he’s also a bitchin’ guitar player and recording engineer, and he recorded some clips of this amp in his studio.  Check it out: Gibson Falcon.mp3

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