Presto, chango!

We’ve made some changes to our blog – since we were unceremoniously and mysteriously dumped by Google Blogger, we’re now hosting our blog on our own server.  We’re still figuring out how this all works, so please bear with us.

In keeping with our recent changes, we thought it would be fitting to show off our friend Brandon’s guitar, which has undergone a radical change of it’s own.





Brandon’s Strat got the works: Level & Dress, full setup, three Lindy Fralin P-90 pickups, all pots and switches replaced with high quality Switchcraft parts, new cream knobs and switch tips, custom Terrapin pickguard, a new bone nut, and Schaller tuners.  Presto, chango!  It plays great and sounds fantastic.

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  1. admin

    A few kind words from Brandon after he had some time with “Lola”-

    Hey guys –

    I got a call from Benjamin the other week to check in on Lola and me. I had a terrible connection and I meant to call back, but never got a chance.

    you guys did a ridiculously fantastic job on Lola. She was my firs guitar. I got her March of ’07 when I knew absolutely nothing about guitars and later realized that she wasn’t quite what I liked in terms of sound and playability. I really never picked her up after I got my second guitar.

    It’s a totally different story now. My fingers hurt BAD bad from playing so much the first week I got her back from you. I played ever minute I wasn’t at work, eating or sleeping. I’m actually inspired by Lola now and can’t wait to play here at the end of the work day! She sounds just the way I hoped and plays even better.

    Thanks for everything, guys!!!! I had a very good x-mas thanks to you and Lola.


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