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We don’t just fix guitars, we build them too!

Here is a sneak peek into the world of Luttrell Guitarworks. If you haven’t figured it out yet these guitars are being built by Geoff Luttrell, our fearless leader.  We’ve engineered out the problems we see on guitars of all price and brand, every day here at the shop.  They have cool design features you won’t find anywhere else, and will be made to your specifications.

Some of the standard features-

– 6 Bolt neck joint with ferrules – This provides a rock-solid interface between the neck and body, superior to a neck plate which can bend and crack the finish.

– Asymmetrical carbon fiber neck supports – This allows more relief to be pulled into the bass side of the neck to compensate for the greater oscillation of the thicker strings. The dual action truss rod reaches from the nut to only the twelfth fret, saving weight and focusing the truss rod’s efforts where they have the most effect.

– Angled scarf jointed headstock –  Eliminates the need for string trees by giving the proper break angle over the nut. The scarf joint provides an incredibly strong headstock that doesn’t have the weak end grain of most angled headstocks.  This one’s not breaking.  Ever.

– Stainless steel frets leveled in our Plek machine. Right out of the gates the frets are perfect.

-Contoured heel and a hand profiled neck for comfortable playability from the bone nut all the way to the last fret.

– All design, construction, wiring, fretwork and final setup done by Geoff here at SF Guitarworks.

If you’re ready to finally own a guitar made to your specs, perfect from the minute you open the case, drop by the shop and play one.

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