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The hub of the wheel…

Well, you might have noticed that the blog has been neglected as of late.  That’s because Benjamin, who most have you have had the pleasure of talking to, is on vacation and we are lost like little children around here.  It has been a while since he’s been out of the shop, and I’d almost forgotten the amount of work that goes into the structure that allows us to fix your guitars.  A short list of things that Benjamin handles like the pro he is – Assessing instruments, estimates and invoicing, electronics repairs, scheduling, making all kinds of stuff, designing, building and maintaining the website and general web presence, follow-up calls, master of information and trivia, customer service, keeping us on task so we deliver consistently on time, cleaning up, tireless cheerleader, hugs and smiles and on and on and on.  It’s amazing the amount of work required around here that has nothing to do with the actual repair of instruments.  We miss you Benjamin!

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