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New toys! *ahem*… tools.

Today we got started on our first job using our new woodworking bench.  This is exciting stuff: we’ve been talking about building this bench for what seems like forever… we’ve just not had the space for it, until we built our new woodworking room last week.  We built the new bench partly to accommodate neck resets – which is exactly the job we got started with today.  Check it out:

Heating the fingerboard tongue to melt the glue to separate it from the soundboard:

Steaming the dovetail joint with our modified espresso maker:

Setting the body into our new clamping system we designed.  The bottom of the body is supported by a nylon strap, and the body is held by two flexible pieces of cork lined MDF – the curvature of the MDF is controlled by insetting two wedges in between the two outer birch blocks.  The body is held in there SUPER snug without putting any unwanted pressure on sensitive parts.  Sweet!:

Although we’ve done a million neck resets in the past, we’re always looking to improve.  With this new workbench system, we’ll be able to get even more accurate results in less time.  Rad!

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