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Learn ya’ somethin’!

Ever wondered how we do what we do?  Well, if you want to know – sign up for our new Set Up Classes!

In these classes, you will learn:

– How to assess and diagnose the playability of your guitar
– How a truss rod works and how to adjust it properly
– What a radius is and how it applies to your instrument
– How to set your intonation
– What tools are used during a set up and how to use them
– And much, much more!

The first class will be held on November 21st, and will be ongoing – one Sunday every month.  Each class will limited to 3 students, and each student will get their own bench to work on.  Each class is 3 hours long, and each student will get plenty of hands on experience.  At the end of the class, each student will have expertly set up their own guitar.  Sweet, huh?

Interested?  Give us a call at the shop: 415-865-5424

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