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John’s new Luttrell

John picked up his new Luttrell Guitarworks a few weeks ago and has been loving it.  I made his with a Les Paul style control layout, light swamp ash body and maple neck.  He wanted a really spanky tone, so we decided on Lindy Fralin Twangmaster P-92’s.  They are basically a split, hum-cancelling P90 but they have magnetized poles like a tele or strat pickup for extra bite.  It sounds great.  Since I used the Plek for the fingerboard planing and fret slot cutting, I was able to cut pocketed fret slots.  This type of slot is impossible to cut by hand, and it gives the appearance of binding but is really the uninterrupted fingerboard edge.  I built the guitar with a 6 bolt neck joint, half-length truss rod and asymmetrical carbon support rods in the neck to keep it stable and light.  I’ve got a couple in the shop if you want to come check them out.  Thanks John!  Geoff

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