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Introducing the Pat-o-caster!

One of our favorite customers, Pat, brought in parts for four Telecasters for us to assemble for him.  Putting Telecasters together is relatively easy – however, Pat had some rather interesting ideas he wanted to pursue with these.  He brought in some old pickups that were lifted from an old Supro lap steel.  Check this out:

These are great sounding pickups, and Pat had the idea to stick them on to a standard style guitar.  This seems like an easy task, but it turned out to be quite difficult.  The strings actually pass through the pickup, which required a lot of modifications to make it work.  The bridge had to be lifted up off the body ever so slightly, the body had to be routed to accommodate the pickup, and there was a significant amount of mapping, measuring, and mathematics(!) to get everything to line up properly.

Pat also brought in two vintage Gibson mini-humbuckers, a Gibson P-90, and an old Kent pickup for the neck positions.  We wired them all in, then gave each guitar a proper fret job with our Plek machine, made a bone nut for each guitar, and then gave every instrument a proper set up.  The crowning touch was installing an old Supro logo plate on each guitar.  They sound absolutely monstrous, and play great!

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you The Pat-o-casters:

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