Heading into the studio?

We get a lot of touring and recording artists come through our door – some famous, some not so famous.  What do these people have in common?  They all need their guitars to be in tip-top shape BEFORE a gig or recording session.

Recording engineers and live sound engineers have an important and difficult job: making you sound better.  We talk to people in the professional sound industry all the time, and they love it when a client walks in to a session with a guitar that is properly set up and intonated.  It makes their job much easier, makes the recording session run smoothly, and saves everybody time, money, and headaches.  Engineers can spend countless hours (and sometimes even re-recording your guitar parts!) after you’ve left the studio, just to clean up intonation and string buzzing issues that wouldn’t have even existed had the guitar been properly set up before the session.
So consider this: next time you’re headed into the studio, think of how much potential frustration you might avoid by having your perfect before you record your next multi-million selling single.
Our friend Mark, from the band Strike Anywhere (strikeanywhere.org) took our advise and brought in his Sparrow Les Paul in to us before he heads out on a European tour for a solid month.  We leveled and dressed his frets, glued them all down to prevent any lifting or odd resonances, and did a thorough setup.  The guitar came out great, and now Mark is ready to tour the world and elsewhere.

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