One of the most common guitar upgrades is to swap a bone nut for the inferior plastic nut which often comes on the guitar from the factory. This relatively minor upgrade provides a greater tone, more durability and more stable tuning.

In this one-day workshop, we will discuss the main functions of the guitar string nut, talk about the most common mistakes when making one, and go over how to make a perfect bone nut step-by-step. The process can be challenging, and mistakes will happen, but you will learn a solid methodology and will be given individual attention throughout the process.

We will cover the following –

  • String nut function, materials and general considerations when replacing one.
  • String nut removal process and common challenges, finish concerns and repair.
  • Nut slot truing and sizing.
  • Proper squaring, sizing and fitting of the nut blank to the slot.
  • String layout and proper spacing.
  • String slot depth parameters and proper cutting/sizing of slots.
  • Final shaping and polishing to a mirror shine.
  • Type and amount of adhesive used to keep the nut in the slot.

Spend the day making a shiny, scratch-free nut for your own guitar or bass that stays in tune and plays great! Making a nut to the SF Guitarworks standard is no mean feat, but you’ll have all the secrets to do yourself after this workshop.

FEE: $375  
Full payment is due at the time of sign-up

For more info and to sign up, stop by or call us at the shop: 415-865-5424.

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