Guess the Scan

The Plek is an incredible tool that we use to get a very accurate picture of the fret plane, which directly affects the playability of the instrument. We’ve seen bad fretwork on both expensive and inexpensive guitars. The inconsistency is always a surprise, so we have decided to make it a game!

For our first Guess the Scan, we have two similar Telecasters. One is a Made in Mexico Tele and the other is a Korean Squier. The scans show the fretboard plane along the G string indicated by the black line. The valleys would be the board and the hills would be the frets. The red line show the plane of the fret tops and the green line represents the ideal fret plane.


Fender Tele:IMG_7857


Squier Tele:IMG_7861




11621Guess which scan belongs to which guitar!

Answers will be posted on Thursday.

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