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Exteme Makeover: Guitar Shop Edition

Things have been super busy in the shop this week.  We’ve made a bunch of improvements to our workspace: we’ve built new shelves for guitar storage, installed an air filtration system, and set up our tools for a more efficient work  flow.

We’re most excited about our new Shop Fox air filtration system.  How cool is this thing?:

We’ve got the Shop Fox hooked up to our buffing machine and our belt sander by a series of tubes:

This machine saves our lungs from breathing in nasty stuff like bone & wood dust (ebony dust is particularly harsh), and buffing compound & bits of fluff from the buffing wheel.  It also keeps the shop smelling better – bone is super stinky when it’s sanded.  Since we installed the Shop Fox this week, we haven’t smelled any burning bone scent at all.  Bliss!  We set up our sanding and buffing station right next to each other, which pulled our buffer off the showroom floor (no more dust bunnies!), allowed them to be hooked up to the Shop Fox, and also lets us move from one station to the next quickly.

We’ve also installed more shelving for guitars.  It seems like the shop is getting busier and busier lately, and we flat out were running out of room for guitars.  We didn’t want to just stack guitars on top of each other, so we had our friend Steve (of Dirty Power fame) build some shelving for us – which we’ve already filled to capacity:

We also set up  a bunch of hooks for acoustic guitars in process, which we are calling the Acoustic Corral:

That’s it for this episode of Extreme Makeover: Guitar Shop Edition.  Now it’s time to get back to fixing guitars!

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