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Electronics 101.

Despite the fact that most guitar electronics utilize technology that is upwards of 80 years old, we see some rather interesting modifications in the shop.  Here’s a quick list of some do’s and don’ts of guitar electronics.

Don’t – leave excess wiring inside your guitar:

Do – cut your pickup leads and other wiring to appropriate lengths.  Use shrink wrap to keep all your cable runs tidy:

Don’t – make a rat’s nest inside your guitar:

Do – plan a logical wiring scheme (and use quality components):

Don’t – use random bits of copper and aluminum foil to shield your electronics:

Do – use a combination of conductive shielding paint and copper foil tape.  A partial shielding job is as ineffective as no shielding at all – you must create a complete cage around all the electronics to prevent any stray hum or noise getting into your guitar:

Do – protect your guitar from melted solder and flux landing on your guitar’s finish:

Do – plan out complex wiring schemes, to keep everything clean and tidy in your control cavities.  Use mini pots in tight spots:

Do – ask us for help with your electronics needs.  Bring your guitar in before you’ve gone too far… wiring is a complex skill, and you can get yourself into trouble pretty quickly if you’re not sure of what you’re doing.  The good thing is, any electronics mistake can be fixed.  We do all wiring to NASA specs (or, at least, what we think would pass muster in a space station), and can devise a control scheme for just about any crazy idea.

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