Do we really have to give it back?

Today we finished up overhauling a 1964 Fender Jazz Bass for our friend Peter.  This bass came in for a re-fret (the frets were worn down to almost nothing), a heat press (there was kink in the neck that the truss rod couldn’t correct and could not be planed out due to the thin veneer fingerboard), a new nut,  bridge swap (removing a Badass II and installing the original) and pickup swap (removing the Bartolini‘s and installing some Lindy Fralins.)  A perfectly  setup vintage Jazz Bass with a set of Thomastik Flat Wound strings is, well… so sweet we didn’t want to give it back.  Check it out – you’ll see what we mean:

Our man Aaron did a terrific job on this bass – but Aaron is a bassist with an affinity for Jazz Basses, so it was probably more difficult for him to let go of it than most (he did manage to squeeze in some Jaco licks before he put it away, though).

Peter loves the sound and feel of his new/old vintage Jazz; just look at that grin:

That’s one happy bassist.  Thanks, Peter!  If you ever need a bass baby sitter, let us know…

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