Class Date: September 25 & 26 from 10am-5pm
Signup deadline: June 5

Learn soldering skills, electronics & body/neck assembly and our setup process, AND leave having built your new favorite guitar.

Here’s what the workshop will cover:

• Orientation, parts inventory, Q&A

• Soldering Demo and hands on practice—Learn proper soldering and wire finishing techniques, then you can practice on spare parts before assembling and wiring your electronics package

• Pickguard/control plate assembly and soldering

• Guitar body assembly: install pickups, pickguard, bridge and strap buttons

• The pickguard and pickups are installed, as are the bridge and strap buttons.

• Neck assembly: Install tuners and string tree, attach neck to body

• Setup: You will go through the process of the SF Guitarworks Setup Workshop. From taking initial action measurements, through all adjustments, you’ll learn the in’s and out’s of making your guitar play great. The scope of adjustment includes using the truss rod to set neck relief, bridge action and radius settings, string height at nut, intonation and pickup height.

• Wrap up and rock out

Three months prior to the workshop, there will be a pre-workshop consultation/ordering session for approximately an hour. We’ll help you pick the parts down to the electronics package. You will be guided through the different technical choices you have, and we’ll discuss their effect on the sound and playability of the guitar.

Class takes place in our lovely Petaluma location-Sonoma County Guitarworks!

NEXT CLASS DATE: September 25 &26 from 10am-5pm, Signup deadline June 5

FEE: $2500

This includes parts package described above, instruction, guidance, and use of specific tools and bench.

REGISTER: For more info and to sign up, call us at 707-559-3095.

REGISTER ONLINE: through Eventbrite here

What our students are saying:

“My guitar turned out perfect. It sounds exactly like what I had expected, especially when plugged in to the Fender DeVille. I wanted to thank you for helping out with the pickups and the neck shape. The guitar is an excellent addition to my collection.”

“You guys helped me to achieve exactly what I was looking for. I am very happy, and a little surprised with something that appeared to be so challenging, yet resulted in a learning experience, and a guitar, that are both overwhelming successes.”

“In addition to learning from fellow classmates, the ability to access Geoff for two full days was incredible. With so many diverse, and often conflicting opinions out in the universe, it was a great experience to be in a workshop, with an expert, where I could discuss and implement data based options that resulted in the most playable, and best sounding Telecaster style guitar that I have played.”

“Geoff’s willingness to share the knowledge and tricks he has acquired over the years has provided insight into building and set-ups that has given me the skills and confidence to understand, measure, and improve the performance of any guitar. I am already thinking about my next project!” – Jim F

“I can’t say enough about how much I loved the class other than I had to do it three times!” – Michael R.

“The class was a total blast. Geoff gave us step-by-step instructions that were very thorough and before I knew it I had a one-of-a-kind guitar. I’ve played it almost every day since and it has become my main instrument. Rivals anything I’ve seen in the shop. Would highly recommend this class and I am even considering taking it again.”

– Ben K.