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We put parts guitars together all the time.  It’s a great way to get a guitar that’s personalized to your tastes, without having to (needlessly) spend thousands of dollars on a so-called “custom shop” instrument. Let’s face it: most “custom” shops are offering nothing more than some fancy woods with fancy finishes – all the parts are punched out of a CNC machine just like their less expensive guitars.  Often the quality isn’t any better, and sometimes it’s worse!  So, most likely you’ll still want to get some fretwork done, have a setup tailored to your playing, swap out the pickups, change the nut, etc., etc., etc….  Why spend all that cash when you can have an awesome guitar for cheap?

Here’s a guitar we just assembled, with a Joe Strummer Tele body, a Warmoth neck, and some Lollar pickups. It also got a .015 treble bleed cap, brass and aluminum compensated saddles and some other fancy schmantsy things like the really cool pickguard.  We Plek’d the neck (which Warmoth recommends), installed all the electronics, and gave it a complete setup.  It sounds and plays even better than most “custom” instruments, but it cost less than $1400!  Check it out:

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