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FEBRUARY 29 & MARCH 1, 9am-5pm
Have you ever had a guitar that was buzzy even though the action was higher than you liked? A guitar that played the same note on three frets, or choked out when you did a string bend? These are the types of problems that arise out of poor quality fretwork.

In this 2-day Guitar Fret Leveling class, you’ll gain an understanding of how to identify and address these types of issues.Through a combination of lecture, demonstration and hands-on practice, you’ll learn the best methods for achieving accurate and beautiful fretwork like that in the best professional fret level and dress. Then you will be expertly guided through the entire process on your own guitar.

The class will cover:

• The importance of accurate fretwork
• Neck and fret assessment
• The leveling and crowning tools, including the neck-jig
• The entire fret level process and what we are trying to achieve in the process for the best playability.

This includes learning how to:
• properly set the truss rod to minimize fret removal and to ensure proper range of neck adjustment;
• identify correct relief curve and fall-off;
• properly execute fret crowning end treatment and fret polishing.
• common issues that need to be identified and addressed in the process.
• The entire guitar setup process following the SF Guitarworks’ checklist used here in the shop.

For the class, each student will have a fully equipped workbench with all necessary tools and supplies including a Stew-Mac Neck Jig.

FEE: $750
Full payment is due at the time of sign-up

REGISTER: For more info and to sign up, stop by or call us at 707-559-3095

What our students are saying…
“The class was wonderful! It made me truly appreciate the care in construction and maintenance that goes into the instruments I love. It also made me really appreciate the value in having someone else level my frets for me! The one I did myself will always play a little sweeter then the rest though. –Jay”

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