SF: 415-865-5424

Petaluma: 707-559-3095


I grew up in a house where things were often in a state of disrepair. Before I could drive, I could figure out how to make the lawnmower not stall constantly or fix the pumps in the basement at 3 am during a big rainstorm. Though it wasn’t appreciated at the time, these were important lessons about how things worked. This ability applied to fixing my instruments as well. Playing in many aggressive punk, metal and hardcore bands, I’ve broken a few guitars. Eventually I moved to San Francisco and found SF Guitarworks. When a repair was above my skill level, there was a place to go. I would always ask about how they did what they did. Eventually the shop manager position opened up and my time here began. During those years a lot of my off time was spent taking advantage of the tools and the knowledge of the shop. It was fun to make my guitars indestructable and at the same time play really well. I left San Francisco for a year in Los Angeles. Shortly after my return to the Bay Area the shop needed a tech. I jumped at the chance to be back, this time getting to dig in and get my hands dirty making instruments play the best they can.


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