We sweat the small stuff.

Although we sometimes say there’s “no job too big, no job too small”, the truth is that EVERY job is a big job.  There’s tons of tiny details in our work that most people never even know about: stuff like wicking glue into screw holes to reinforce the threads in the wood, or putting rubber collars on all our solder joints.

Here’s a good example: when some one brings in a guitar for a simple re-string, we don’t consider it all that simple.  We pull off all the old strings, clean and polish the fretboard, condition the fingerboard, string the instrument up (with 2.5-3 wraps around the tuner post, using a wrap pattern that holds the string in place without knots), stretch the strings (between the thumbs, not against the instrument), and tune it up to pitch – all done while you wait.  So when you bring in a guitar to us for a restring looking like this:

You’ll get it back looking like this:

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