Earthquake Shelter – Check!

At long last we got started on our wood shop equipment.  The first order of business was to build a workbench.  I never like doing things halfway, so I scoured the ‘net and found some plans that I liked for the base.

The construction was pretty interesting, using different length Baltic Birch ply slats to make mortise and tenon joints for the legs and aprons.  The base turned out to be exceedingly rigid and stable.

For a couple of reasons, I decided to use a torsion box design for the top.  One, a torsion box is very stiff and solid.  Two, I could use pipe clamps inserted through holes drilled in the front as a movable vice.  This will be especially handy for holding the body and neck of an acoustic during a neck reset, and in conjunction with the permanent 9″ vice, there is pretty limitless clamping versatility.

We can’t tell you what this will be used for yet, but we have some exciting plans!

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